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Study finds fewer gay characters on network TV
Author: admin  Click Times:   Add Time: 2011-09-28


NEW YORK (AP) — The number of gay and bisexual characters on scripted broadcast network TV has dipped slightly this season to 19 out of nearly 650 roles, according to the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation.
The 16th annual "Where We Are on TV" report released Wednesday by GLAAD found that 2.9 percent of actors appearing regularly on prime-time network drama and comedy series in the 2011-12 season will portray gay, lesbian or bisexual characters.
That's down from 3 percent in the 2009-10 season and 3.9 percent last season, when there were 23 out of a total of nearly 600 roles.
The 2008-09 season saw an increased representation of 2.6 percent.
Only five of the 19 gay and lesbian characters this season are nonwhite, GLAAD found.
Using inion provided by ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC and CW, the group reviewed 91 scripted series announced to air this season.
Among broadcast series with gay and bisexual characters, GLAAD cited CBS' "The Good Wife," the CW's "Ringer" and NBC's "The Playboy Club." Comedies include ABC's "Modern Family" and Fox's "Glee."
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